As a rental, you are responsible for your own marketing efforts. CBUSArts/CAPA does not provide marketing services to rentals at our venues. However, we have a few opportunities to share information about your event. Here’s how you can optimize all of them!


To be considered for inclusion in an email promotion distributed by CAPA*, please complete the form by clicking the button below.


*Inclusion in a CAPA email promotion is available based on space and is not guaranteed. Fill out the online form as soon as possible to have the best chance of guaranteeing your spot.


Your event will be added to the CBUSArts Facebook page. If you do not wish for this to happen, please email Abby. Please submit the information for this Facebook placement by clicking the button below.


Note: If you do not submit information, we will fill in the information we have through your show build process. 

If you would like to run advertising through CBUSArts' Facebook page, please email Abby to begin the set-up process. Fees may apply.


CAPA cannot offer poster space; however, we would be happy to put out fliers (1/2 page or smaller) in our CBUSArts Ticket Center. Please send no more than 250 fliers to:

Attn: Kayla Rutherford
55 E. State Street
Columbus, OH 43215


You are welcome to drive ticket sales to your own website if applicable, however should you need other sales actions, here are some options:

  2. CBUSArts Ticket Center (phone): 614-469-0939
  3. CBUSArts Ticket Center (in-person): 39 E. State St., Columbus, OH 43215

"CBUSArts" is pronounced "see-bus arts" (for radio/TV spot production purposes).

You may use the CBUSArts logo on advertising materials. That information can be found here:


To have your event represented accurately across our websites, ensure that the following sizes of graphics have been submitted either via the New Show Build Request process, or email them to Mallory.

  1. 840 w x 780 h pixels
  2. 1772 w x 1048 h pixels
  3. 1200 w x 628 h pixels

All graphics must follow these requirements:

  • Little to NO text in the graphic (event info like date and venue will be contained elsewhere on the website).
  • JPEG or PNG format
  • 72 DPI or higher
  • Less than 250KB in size (we will re-format your files at lower sizes if they do not meet the requirements listed).

Note: If you do not send an image with the specs listed above, a default image of the venue your event is in will be used. 

Need Changes?

We have many change request options available on our Service Portal. Use password "cp20" to log in and submit change requests as needed.

Emergency Contacts

Ticketing: CAPA Event Support (monitored by many people to ensure timely follow up) at

Marketing: Kayla Rutherford, Marketing Manager, at